Private Car Service

Unless otherwise agreed to in advance and in writing, the following Terms & Conditions apply. Total charges incurred are billed to the client’s credit card unless invoice arrangements have been made and approved in advance. Executive Car Service accepts all major credit cards or cash. New and one-time clients may be required to present their card to driver for processing. Additional ID verification may also be necessary for security purposes.

Airport Transfers

Executive Car Service provides a flat rate for most airport pickups and drop-offs to or from LAX and John Wayne airport. For trips from the airport your vehicle is dispatched according to the flight's estimated time of arrival as provided to Executive Car Service by each respective airline's automated system. All airport pickups include 30 minutes of free wait time. For trips to the airport passengers should plan to arrive at the airport two hours before a domestic flight departure and three hours before an international flight departure.

Point to Point Transfers

Executive Car Service provides point-to-point transfer rates for local pickups and drop offs within Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties. Transfer rates are a function of time, distance and zone locations.

Hourly Service

Executive Car Service provides an hourly rate for all other service based on a two-hour minimum charge. Hourly services allow for multiple stops and wait time as directed by client. Vehicle will stay with the client for the entire rental time. Additional travel time may be charged if traveling outside of the local service area.


At Executive Car Service we understand that cancellations are sometimes necessary and unavoidable. For local service area, we accept cancellations on sedan & SUV airport transfers without a charge four hours before the scheduled pick-up time. Vans, limos, premium and specialty vehicles require no less than a twelve-hour cancellation notice.

No Shows

If you do not see your driver, please text or call our office immediately at 800-878-1995 to avoid the full-charge “no-show” fee. For Point-to-Point & Airport Service, a fee equal to the base fare will be charged when the client does not show at the pre-arranged pick-up location. For Hourly Service, a fee equal to 2 hours of service will be charged when the client does not show at the pre-arranged pick-up location. Again, to avoid no show charges, please text or call our office at 800-878-1995. The dispatcher will immediately direct your driver to you.

Arrival Time

Executive Car Service and its drivers always prepare in advance to avoid unnecessary delays in arrival time. Our attempt is always to get you to your desired destination at the earliest possible time, but the desired arrival time is not a guarantee. It’s the sole responsibility of the rider to plan accordingly and allow ample time in case of an emergency, road, traffic or weather conditions that are beyond reasonable control of the company or the driver. Executive Car Service shell not be liable for any loss incurred by rider resulting from arrival time later then the desired time of arrival.

Baggage and Other Property Transported

Executive Car Service cannot not assume responsibility for the handling or maintenance of any baggage or other property, nor for any property left in the company’s vehicles. We will do everything possible to secure and retrieve any belongings left in the vehicle. Please always check thoroughly prior to leaving the vehicle for all your personal belongings.

Passenger Conduct

Executive Car Service reserves the right to refuse to transport persons under the influence of or in possession of illegal drugs, as well as those excessively intoxicated, in the possession of firearms or dangerous substances of any kind, or who are, or are likely to become objectionable to other persons or if the driver feels threatened in any way.

Excess Cleaning

If, during or after the transportation service, the company is required to expend an extended amount of time and material to clean the vehicle due to acts of the client or any passenger (spilling food or drinks, vomiting, prohibited smoking, excessive trash) , the company, at its discretion, will charge client additional fees to cover such expense.

Smoking Is Prohibited

Smoking in all vehicles is strictly prohibited.

Stops (Airport & Point-to-Point Transfers)

Extra stops are charged a minimum $20 per "en-route" stop and include a maximum 15 minute wait period at the stop. Additional wait time is charged at the prevailing hourly rate in quarter hour increments.

Meet & Greet Services

Personalized meet & greet service is available upon request, ensuring a pleasant airport experience. There is a nominal fee of $49 for the meet and greet service.

Privacy Policy

We at Executive Car Service value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, and share your personal information when you use our services.

Rates, charges and terms are subject to change without notice